Visitor Stories

Intern Story – Julien Lehoux

Hi, my name is Julien Lehoux. I am a French vet student in my fourth year at … Read more »

Queridos amigos de CCF…

Queridos amigos de CCF! Me llamo Teresa y escribo este post para compartir las mejores  experiencias que … Read more »

Our return to CCF

Want to rake and shovel tons of goat poop every few days?  Pick up fresh carnivore scat … Read more »

CJ and Stephanie Mantilla – Volunteer Stories

My name is CJ Mantilla and I am a Sales Representative from Houston, Texas.  I love animal … Read more »

Volunteer Story – Rachel Rowland

After coming to CCF last summer with Earth Expeditions for a graduate school class, I couldn’t help … Read more »

Be-spotted by the Cheetah

My name is Margaret Wilkie. I became besotted (or maybe be-spotted!) by the cheetah when I read … Read more »

A Volunteer’s Story: Colleen Kelly

My name is Colleen Kelly and I am from the San Francisco Bay area in California.  I … Read more »

24 hours in the Bush (Part II)

We watched the CCF truck driveway and hunkered down for the night. As the temperature quickly dropped … Read more »

24 hours in the Bush (Part 1)

Brenda Walkenhorst, Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Louisiana Melinda Voss, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio We … Read more »

Update on the Erindi "Leopard Boys" Cheetah Re-wilding

Following the two-week long, post-release monitoring of the CCF’s four male captive raised cheetahs (Omdillo, Chester, Obi-Wan and Anakin aka … Read more »