Success Stories

Puppy Visits!

The puppies that went to their new homes a couple of weeks ago were due their 12 … Read more »

Puppy Day!

      It’s amazing how quickly time goes, especially when you’re a little puppy! But Feliz’s … Read more »

Josie & Merlot: An Introduction

by Ryan Marcel Sucaet 24 October 2012 was a remarkable moment in a long history of two … Read more »

Bella’s Emergency

On 9 October 2012, CCF cheetah keepers Juliette Erdtsiek and Ryan Sucaet noticed that Bella, one of … Read more »

Mendel has an Operation

Last week Mendel, one of our male cheetahs, had a big operation. He had a foreign body … Read more »

New Additions to the Livestock Guarding Dog Programme – Puppies!

CCF are happy to announce the birth of five beautiful puppies, born to one of our Kangal … Read more »

A final farewell to Shades the livestock guarding dog

After having worked loyally for the last 12 years protecting CCF’s livestock and training the up-and-coming young … Read more »

Wild male cheetah trapped on game farm is received at CCF

On 18 July we received a telephone call from a game farmer to the south of CCF … Read more »

A BEAUTYful Success Story from our Livestock Guarding Dog Programme

Earlier last month we received a call from a farmer concerning one of our livestock guarding dogs. … Read more »

Harry goes to the dentist!

On the 4th of July 2012, Harry the cheetah went to see Dr. Profitt, the human dentist … Read more »