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Cheetah Ambassador with a Flair for Art

  • by Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada June 7, 2021
Cheetah Ambassador with a Flair for Art

Jeremy, a Cheetah Ambassador in Vancouver, has a flair for art.  As a young entrepreneur, he helps to raise awareness and funds to save the cheetah in the wild by making greeting cards for sale.

A few local shops in Vancouver have kindly provided him space on their counters to showcase his boxes of cards. Over the last few months, he was able to raise $147 and is now looking for other distribution points to sell more cards in Vancouver, or other ideas.

If you think you can help Jeremy, please send us an email at

Below are more samples of his wonderful greeting cards.

CCF Young Conservationist of the Year

Jeremy was named one of CCF Young Conservationists of the Year during CCF’s Fall Tour event in recognition for his greeting card fundraisers in both the UK, where he lived previously, and now in Canada.

Part of his award was a 3D Cheetah Paper Model manufactured by Papercraft World, a supporter for our charity.

Here he is putting together the face of the cheetah as part of the big origami sculpture.

Jeremy, Cheetah Ambassador, making a 3D Cheetah Paper Model

If you can help Jeremy distribute more cards in order to help raise funds for cheetah conservation, please send us an email at

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