Two Filmcrews visit CCF in July


CCF Blog

National Geographic Adventurer, Shannon Galpin, and her daughter, Devon Clarke were at CCF as part of their global wildlife conservation project, Endangered Activism. They brought a film crew to document the work of CCF and to learn best practices of conservation spearheaded by Dr. Laurie and her team, as part of a feature documentary and a series of video shorts. Devon was introduced to Laurie and CCF at the WCN conference in San Francisco last February by mutual friend and mentor Vance Martin of The Wild Foundation. You can follow their year long journey on Instagram at @endangered_activism and on Facebook at Endangered Activism.

Francis Assadi and his wife Eliana Escobedo from PHILOZOEPHY (@philozoephy) spent several days at CCF in July to crate the CCF Panotriptych Photo for their Extraordinary Conservationist Photo Expedition project. Their projects aim is to portray the work of each conservationist (5 in total) and their organization towards the projection of endangered species in one Panotriptych photo. Each Panotriptych photo consists out of three independent scenes showing different aspects of the conservation work done in the projects. All three scenes are then merged in post-production to create one immersive panoramic photo, telling the story of the organization in 3 acts. During Francis and Eliana’s time at CCF they were able to create three scenes incorporating all of CCF’s different conservation project, although it was quite a challenge to get all of the different projects included in three pictures. The scenes chosen included a cheetah work-up, scat detection program, livestock guarding dog program, farmer outreach, bushblok project and education. It was quite a challenge for our team to create those three pictures as you can imagine, but in the end Francis and Eliana got stunning pictures of the three different scenes, and we are very excited to see the finished product and that we could be part of their Extraordinary Journey.