International Hoof Care Month


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CCF celebrates International Hoof Care Month with a goat pedicure. It is very important that all of the goats and sheep at CCF have their hooves properly taken care of so they can live a happy and healthy life. Proper hoof care is so important because it effects their daily mode of transport, walking. Having poor hoof conditions can lead to numerous problems for both animals and farmers. The biggest problem with neglected or improperly trimmed hooves is that livestock become prime targets for predators.

International Hoof Care Month

Tyapa at work trimming

If a goat has a limp from a hoof issue, they will most likely not be able to keep up with the herd, making them vulnerable and the perfect candidate for predation. Predators tend to go after prey that is weak and separated from their herd. Not only does the goat lose its life, but the farmer also loses income. CCF teaches farmers about proper hoof management, which includes hoof trimming, foot baths, and removal of thorns and other foreign material to help prevent further issues. In the pictures with this post you can see our small stock manager, Tyapa Toivo, completing the hoof trimming of one of our female dairy goats, Chenin Blanc.

We wish all the hooved animals of the world, a Happy International Hoof Care Month!!

Before and after trimming

Before (left) and after (right) trimming

And remember, healthy hooves make a healthy and happy animal!!