Highlights – Spring Tour of the US – 2017


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Spring Tour 2017 was very exciting this year beginning in New York City with the Explorers Club Annual Dinner on Ellis Island celebrating the theme of “Cold Places” from around the world. It was lovely to be hosted by Constance Difede again and to join my conservation and explorer friends.

My tour lasted six weeks traveling to 23 cities and 12 states providing lectures at affiliated cheetah zoos as well as visiting Cornell University for a full week for my A.D White Professorship with lectures and meetings at College of Veterinary Medicine on the Race of Survival of the Cheetah and a public lecture at Sage Hall on The Amazing Race… to Save the Cheetah.

My lecture series encompassed a talk at the Happy Hollow Zoo, and The Living Desert on Earth Day with a book signing of my new books, A Future for Cheetahs and Chewbaaka (available here), as well as a talk hosted by Cheetah Kids in Tucson, Arizona at the Loft Cinema following the Born to Explore’s documentary on CCF. I also had the opportunity to return back to NO CA to lecture at Wildlife Conservation Network’s Spring Expo in San Rafael after speaking at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to a full auditorium of middle schoolers on, “The Human Wildlife Conflict: How Dogs are Saving Cats.”

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I had a brief stopover in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California to give a banquet talk to USC Environmental students and Women in Environmentalism and their guests on the topic of my career and how field conservation has changed over time both internationally and domestically. It was a pleasure to give insight into CCF’s programs over the past 27 years.

This spring CCF participated and hosted major fundraisers on both the East and West coasts supported by our CCF volunteers and CCF Chapters in California and New York. On Earth Day, CCF celebrated with a cheetah event in Palm Springs at the lovely home of CCF Trustee Roswitha Smale. It was a great event with over 125 guests supporting the mission of CCF. In New Jersey at the Liberty House overlooking the skyline of New York, CCF Trustee Paola Bari and the New York Chapter hosted the event, “Disappearing Spots,” with CCF Trustee Richard Wiese from ABC’s TV Born to Explore as our emcee. It was a great success with wonderful auction items supporting the endangered cheetah.

My dear friend Jim Fowler from The Wild Kingdom of Mutual of Omaha was our honored guest with his wife Betsy Fowler in Atlanta at the Golf Club of Georgia for a major fundraiser hosted by CCF Trustee John Wilson and his family with generous sponsors and stakeholder, Dante Stephensen.

The Cincinnati Zoo with CEO Thane Maynard hosted a wonderful Sundowner cheetah event honoring my close cheetah friend, Cathryn Hilker of the Angel Fund who received a bronze cheetah award from me and CCF in celebration of her “Lifetime of Saving Cheetahs Together.”

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I also had the pleasure of attending many smaller fundraising events around the country to support the endangered cheetah in the cities of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. It was wonderful to visit with everyone and to give my highlights on what CCF is doing this year in Namibia and to give them greater understanding of the plight of the cheetah and how they can help.

In Los Angeles, CCF Trustee Simone Friedman and CCF major stakeholder Manny Friedman from EJF Philanthropies hosted a cheetah event in Beverly Hills for the Milken Institute, Milken Global conference on May 1st. It was wonderful to introduce CCF and its mission to new supporters from around the world with the added support of our USA Board members in the LA area.

My tour also encounter many small luncheons and private dinner parties with close cheetah friends and Board members. Entertaining on a smaller scale with intimate parties is a wonderful way for me to personally thank our special donors and cheetah friends while traveling the USA. If you are interested in hosting and supporting me during my fundraising tours, please contact, Paula Martin at paulam@cheetah.org.

All of these supportive events this spring both great and small were made possible through the dedication of our CCF Board, Trustees and Staff as well as the local CCF Chapters and volunteers at the various zoo facilities who support CCF through their ambassador cheetah programs.

Spring Tour Photo Gallery