A Day in the Life – 12/10/14


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Today we loaded 6 puppies into a truck headed for Tanzania’s Ruaha Carnivore Project, which is part of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit WildCRU. This is the second consecutive year Ruaha has participated in CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog program. All 6 puppies, 3 males and 3 females, are Kangal dogs. Their father is Firat, who was imported from France and mother Karibib who came from Germany are both purebred Kangal dogs and are integral in our breeding program.

puppiesto tanzania2

Kangal dogs have a long history of protecting livestock from predators. In their native country, Turkey, they have guarded small herds from wolves and bears for thousands of years. Since CCF started placing Livestock Guarding Dogs, in Namibia in 1994, farmers have seen predation rates from all predators reduced by 80 to 100 percent. Because the farmers feel more secure in their livelihoods, they are less likely to do harm to cheetahs and other predators. The goal of placing puppies in other organizations across Africa is to extend the program. It is the hope that organizations will create their own Livestock Guarding Dog program and further extend the safe habitat for cheetahs.

In other news CCF has a new resident cheetah – Romeo. He was a farmer’s longtime family pet. Recently the farmer and his wife had to leave their home for assisted living and released Romeo into CCF’s care. Although he was very well cared for and is a very sweet cheetah, the practice of taking cheetah cubs as pets is generally not allowed. We are thankful that he was so well cared for and that the farmer entrusted CCF with Romeo’s future care. He will be integrated into CCF’s other ophans and hopefully create some lifelong bonds with members of his own species.


Today Romeo underwent a full health check, under anesthesia. We took some genetic samples to be stored and he recovered perfectly. We will keep you posted on his progress and socialization with the other cheetahs here at CCF.

Finally on this very busy day, one of our favorite dairy goats, Garnet, gave birth to two kids – a boy and a girl! On our model farm we are now milking 25 goats! We hope to have a very productive year for cheese-making. Click the links to support CCF by sponsoring Livestock Guarding Dogs, resident cheetahs, or the Model Farm. Your donations will be doubled until December 31st.