Eli Walker

Playtree Visitation – Update on Released Cheetahs

Ever wonder what a cheetah’s visit to a playtree looks like? This video was captured while monitoring … Read more »

Miers Erindi Release

On 26 October 2018 CCF released a single male cheetah into Erindi Private Game Reserve. This cheetah, … Read more »

Release Candidate Cheetah Updates

3 males (Cyclone, Kamin, Elwood) On 18 March 2018, our three male release candidates were released from … Read more »

Cheetah Release – Four Cheetahs Returned to the Wild

With fewer than 7,100 wild cheetahs left in the world, every individual born in the wild has … Read more »

Sad News – Zinzi and Samantha

Everyone at CCF is sad to announce that two cheetahs who were so dear to us have … Read more »

Zinzi Update – Cub Sighting and Eye Injury

Unfortunately for us, Zinzi’s collar failed in April and we lost track of her and her cubs … Read more »