D.W. Macdonald

Chapter 15: cheetahs and ranchers in Namibia: a case study

Marker, L., Dickman, A.J., Mills, M.G.L., Macdonald, D.W. Chapter 15: Cheetahs and Ranchers in Namibia: A Case … Read more »

Spatial ecology of cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) on north-central Namibian farmlands

Knowledge of a species’ ranging behaviour is both fundamental to understanding its behavioural ecology and a prerequisite … Read more »

Survivorship and causes of mortality for livestock-guarding dogs on Namibian rangeland

This paper reports upon the survivorship of 143 livestock-guarding dogs placed on Namibian rangeland between January 1994 … Read more »

Perceived effectiveness of livestock guarding dogs placed on Namibian farms

Evaluations of 117 livestock-guarding dogs placed on Namibian farms between January 1994 and November 2001 were conducted … Read more »

Factors influencing perceptions of conflict and tolerance toward cheetahs on Namibian farmlands

Namibia has the largest remaining population of free-ranging cheetahs ( Acinonyx jubatus ) in the world, 90% … Read more »

Quantifying prey preferences of free-ranging Namibian cheeetahs

The cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) has long been regarded as a significant threat to the interests of farmers … Read more »

Aspects of the management of cheetahs trapped on Namibian farmlands

The Namibian cheetah population has recently undergone serious decline due to human-mediated removals, and investigating the rates … Read more »

Demography of the Namibian cheetah

Namibian cheetahs have suffered, and continue to suffer, high levels of removal due to conflict with local … Read more »