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Dr. Laurie Marker Launches 2019 European Tour by Addressing Council of Europe

On January 29, Dr. Laurie Marker and Dr. Bruce Brewer, CCF’s General Manager, arrived in Strasbourg, France, … Read more »

Help CCF to Fill a Shipping Container

Last year one of our longtime dedicated supporters was able to secure a container that will ship … Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Two Unique and Special Animals

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to two of our oldest animals living at CCF. Amos who … Read more »

Cheetahs: Big Cats Built For Speed

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Dr. Laurie Marker

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Biomass Technology Demonstration Centre

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Adopt-A-Cat Month

It’s Adopt-A-Cat month! While Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) strongly advises against adopting actual cheetahs (they really don’t … Read more »