Tim Hofmann

Scat Dog Handler, Research Manager & Research Coordinator

(2018 – present) Tim was born in Wetzlar, Germany and grew up with a passion for wildlife and nature. After school he completed an ecological internship in Kruger National Park, South Africa assisting a scientist with his field work. From this experience, Tim decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Forest Science and Forest Ecology. He worked on several projects all over the world during his time at university.

Tim has been accompanied by his dog Ole (Weimaraner) for the last 6 years. He first began using Ole as a tracking dog, but then later became exposed to the idea of using dogs to detect evidence of animals for conservation and research. Inspired by this approach, Tim focused on this field of research during his master’s of Nature Conservation Biology and worked on dog projects in Europe.

His passion for the African Bush and the work with detection dogs resulted in Tim visiting CCF for his master’s thesis. Here he investigated several factors influencing the detection success of wildlife detection dogs and human searchers. After finishing his degree in Germany, Tim returned to CCF in May 2018 to support the Scat Detection Dog Program.