Stijn Verschueren

Ecology Researcher

Stijn Verschueren grew up in Belgium. Although living close to the city, he always liked being outside and exploring nature. He did his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Antwerp and got first in contact with the African Fauna and Flora during a tropical field class in Tanzania. Afterwards, Stijn obtained his Master’s degree in Conservation and Restoration of Biodiversity. He got the opportunity to do his master’s research in the Nairobi National Park, Kenya, investigating lion movements and home ranges in relation to human-wildlife conflict. The fieldwork in Kenya sparked his interest in large carnivore conservation in Africa and after he graduated, he decided that he wanted to go back to Africa. He started looking for similar projects with large carnivores and came in contact with the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

From January 2018, he started a postgraduate internship in the ecology department. He analyzed movement data of cheetahs and got involved with the ongoing ecology projects. Stijn got hired after the internship and started as ecology staff in September 2018. He will be monitoring CCF reserve lands and aims at increasing the understanding of cheetah and other large carnivore distributions and densities around CCF, which will contribute to the understanding of drivers behind human-wildlife conflict and the development of suitable mitigation methods.