Stéphanie PERIQUET

Field Ecologist & Conservation Researcher

(2017 – present) Stéphanie was born in France and has been passionate about African wildlife, especially carnivores, since her first trip to Namibia in 1999. Since then, she worked for 7 years (2008-2013) in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe within the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Lab (LBBE, CNRS) and the University of Lyon 1 (France) from her MSc to her PhD. During her MSc, she first studied group dynamics in plain zebras then focused on the behavioural response (vigilance) of various prey species to the presence of their main predator, namely lions, in collaboration with the Hwange Lion Research group from WildCRU, Oxford University. After that, she spent a year working on research projects in Spain and USA. But Africa was in her heart, so she went back to Hwange in 2010 to start her PhD (defended in July 2014) with the LBBE on the coexistence between spotted hyenas and lions, focusing on understanding how hyenas cope with the presence of Africa’s largest cats. She then went on to South Africa for a 2 years post-doctoral research project within the Bat-eared Fox Research Project of the University of the Free State. There, she conducted field research in the Kalahari desert, collecting data on the behavioural and spatial ecology of the foxes.

She came back to Namibia and joined CCF in May 2017 as field ecologist and conservation researcher. At CCF, she leads the research in the ecology team, supervises students and interns, takes part to data collection (game counts, camera trapping…) and analyses data collected for the past 25 years.