Robin Gieling


2017 – present Robin was born and raised in Den Haag, the Netherlands. She was always had a passion for animals and even though she grew up with dogs, cats and horses, as a young child she made many “save endangered species” posters. With this passion she ended up in veterinary school and obtained a bachelors and masters in veterinary medicine. She specialized mostly in small animals but always kept a deep love for wildlife which, after finishing her veterinarian bachelor degree, pulled her to the African continent. She did a three month research internship in South Africa working on determination of the home range and group composition of giraffe. She also did internships with the veterinarians from Kruger NP, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (Pretoria Zoo), the Bird and Exotic animal hospital at Onderstepoort and assisted with research and volunteer work for a rhino orphanage in South Africa. During her studies she also enjoyed the community work she did with domestic animals in South Africa and India.

After graduating in March 2014, she first worked on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean, but realized she still wanted to work in Africa. She worked and studied in the Netherlands for a while before passing the South African board examination, after which she worked in a mixed animal practice in South Africa (mixed as in every animal that you can imagine).

When the opportunity to work at CCF came up she knew that this would make her dreams to work in conservation come true. In June 2017 she started working as the CCF veterinarian and will be providing veterinary care for all the animals at CCF. She is also guiding the veterinary interns with their research projects and teaching them practical skills where possible.