Quentin de Jager

Scat Dog Handler and Trainer

(2017 – present) Quentin was born in South Africa and raised on a game farm, where he was exposed to wild animals and loved them from a young age on. His parents also own a Boerboel (South African Mastiff) breeding kennel so he learnt from early on how to work with and care for dogs. After school, Quentin went directly into ranging and this is where he saw how effective dogs are in the fight against poaching. Afterwards he completed a dog handlers 1-5 training and earned his qualification at Paramount Specialized K9 Academy in South Africa. Training consisted of basic kennel practices, dog health care, crime deterrence with dogs, patrolling, scent tracking and detection. Quentin is also trained in advanced weapons and combat to assist him in specialized dog handling focused on anti-poaching. After completing his training at Paramount Academy, he joined their anti-poaching team and continued working there as an instructor to train others in the knowledge of handling and training dogs. He worked with multiple dog breeds in his time with the Paramount Group. Now he works at CCF focusing on the scat dog program and works to build awareness for the importance of scent tracking in cheetah conservation.