Paul Visser

Assistant Farm Manager & Ecology Research Assistant

(2012 – present) Paul was born and raised in Namibia but finished High School in South Africa. After school he studied Nature Conservation and finished his practical year with City of Cape Town Nature Conservation.

After his schooling, Paul spent three years on Marion and Gough Islands where he worked as a field researcher on seabirds. He specialized in colony checks, processing birds, taking body measurements, collection of genetic samples (feather and blood samples), banding of the birds, and counts. His other roles on the islands included mice research, the eradication of small invasive alien plant, and assisting the Marine Mammal Programme’s (Mammal Research Institute, UP) field assistants. The Marine Mammal Programme work included the chemical immobilization of southern elephant seals and the deployment of satellite tracking devices on both elephant and fur seals.

In 2009- 2011 he worked as an environmental manager for NCC environmental services in South Africa and moved back to Namibia in 2012 and started working for CCF.

Paul assists the Farm Manager in every aspect of their operation including supply of water, electricity, working vehicles, food for captive cheetahs, and livestock management. Paul is also responsible for the management of all farm workers.