Paige Seitz

Livestock Guarding Dog Program Manager

(2013 – present) Paige Seitz earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology specializing in Zoology from Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She completed an internship at the Conservators Center in North Carolina in 2010 working with the husbandry of canines and felines, completing food preferences on the wolves, New Guinea singing dogs, red foxes, and domestic dogs at the center, and completing target training with a small spotted genet. She completed an internship at Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) from August 2011 until March 2012. Due to her work with dogs at boarding kennels in the USA, she was assigned to work with raising the livestock guarding dog puppies and also working with the model farm, mainly CCF’s small stock, goats and sheep, as they are crucial in integrated livestock management. She returned to CCF to manage the Livestock Guarding Dog Program (LSGD) in 2013 and works side by side with the smallstock manager as these specific breeds of dogs must grow up with the smallstock they will bond with and learn their duties.

CCF’s LSGD program is an innovative program started in 1994 to assist farmers with a specific migration tool for depredation. Anatolian Shepherd and Kangal dogs are provided to farmers to guard their livestock, in turn, farmers allow predators to co-exist peacefully on their farmland. Paige cares for all of CCF’s resident dogs which are raised with the goats and sheep. She breeds the dogs, raises puppies, places puppies with appropriate farmers, schedules the required visits to check on placed dogs, communicates with farmers regularly on livestock management and human wildlife conflict issues and, interacts with school groups, tourists, and special VIP guests, updates databases. She also assists with monitoring the small stock that consists of dairy goats, Boer goats, and Damara fat-tailed sheep.