Paige Seitz

Livestock Guarding Dog Coordinator

Paige Seitz_Megan.Miville (2013 – present) Paige was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania (USA) and has had a passion for animals since she was young. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biology specializing in Zoology at Delaware Valley College, but since high school her dream was to work with animals in Africa. When she found out about the Cheetah Conservation Fund she jumped at the opportunity to complete an internship at the facility. From August 2011 to March 2012 she completed an internship where she worked mainly with caring for the livestock guardingdogs that belonged to CCF and with the livestock itself. She also was the assistant studbook keeper for her time here and also worked on the dog and livestock studbooks. From her duties she developed an interest in human wildlife conflict and hoped to one day be able to work more with the dog program.

In December 2013 she returned to CCF as the Livestock Guarding Dog Coordinator and to help care for the livestock housed at CCF. Once again she is caring for the puppies, adult dogs, dairy goats, Boer goats, and Damara sheep. Furthermore, she is now helping to place puppies with farmers and update the livestock guarding dog database with all the information pertaining to the programme.