Nadja Le Roux

Community Development Manager

(2016 Рpresent) Nadja le Roux, a second generation Namibian, has been passionate about Namibia’s landscape and environment for as long as she can remember. She grew up in the conservation and development sector and was inspired by forward thinking, passionate conservationists such as Dr. Laurie Marker and Dr. Margaret Jacobson who were the first impactful women to influence her in pursuing a career in conservation.

Nadja has worked primarily in the field in the Kunene and Zambezi regions as well the neighbouring areas of the Etosha National Park since 2005, specializing in community-based natural resource management, wildlife management conservation and joint venture tourism. She has facilitated important links between communal conservancies and the private sector that strengthened local economies.

She was the regional coordinator for an award winning Namibian NGO in the Zambezi Region improving communal conservancy and community development through bettering governance practices, developing tourism and SME ventures, improved natural resource/wildlife management conservation mechanisms and management plans as well as developing HWC mitigation plans and techniques. She lived in a remote camp on the Kwando river in the Zambezi region for several years establishing the Sijwa Environmental Centre and facilitating training workshops with conservancy management committees and community members, building capacity and strengthening subsistence farming communities willingness to live with wildlife. During that time, and under the project Nadja was managing, the region saw wildlife reintroductions to repopulate species which had decreased and required intensive monitoring. She was also active in anti-poaching activities when elephant poaching had a spike in 2014, supporting regional teams in combating the epidemic through increased ground support and local informant systems.

She was the first elected chairperson of the Mudumu Landscape in the Zambezi region, a MET initiative to bring together a landscape of communal Conservancies and National Parks to jointly manage a greater landscape and wildlife.

In 2016 Nadja joined CCF as the Education Manager and transitioned to her current role as Manager for Community Development in early 2017. In this role she represents the organisation on various conservation platforms throughout Namibia. She works with communal and freehold farmers and has built up a strong network of conservation partners both in the government and non-government sectors.

As the Manager of Community Development at CCF, she is fostering and strengthening strong relationships with Conservancies in the Otjozondjupa Region, both researching and understanding the challenges of human wildlife conflict in primarily pastoral areas and helping communities find solutions that are mutually beneficial to both wildlife and domestic animals. Nadja also plays a vital support role in coordinating activities between government, farmer associations, various stakeholders and NGOs working in the region to integrate and streamline their efforts in uplifting the lives of communities as well as strengthening good wildlife management practices.