Lora Allen

Head of Cheetah Department

(2017 – present)
Lora was born and raised in the U.K and has worked with animals her entire life. She started at a young age, working on a farm when she was just 12. She cared for horses, cattle and smaller livestock helping with their daily care, birthing them and raising them. Her love for animals continued to grow and she spent as much time as she possibly could there. From there, she worked with dogs in a rescue and rehabilitation centre until she went on to college. She studied an undergraduate degree in Zoology at Reading University, whilst at the same time working at the Wolf Conservation Trust and training dogs with a private company. Her animal training background started here, and this is where she took a keen interest in how animals work and understanding their behaviours. After university, she became a Carnivore Keeper at Longleat Safari Park and worked closely with Siberian tigers, African lions, cheetahs and timber wolves. She became incredibly close with the cheetahs over the many years she worked there and started a breeding programme for them. The close bond and love she had for them made her want to conserve them in a more direct way and help change the mindset that is causing the human/wildlife conflict they face on farmland. When the opportunity at the Cheetah Conservation Fund arose, she jumped at the chance as it had been her dream to work here for many years! She moved her whole life to Namibia and took on the job of looking after 37 babies!

She has been at CCF since August 2017. Her responsibilities include taking care of all 37 cats we currently have, daily animal training, hand rearing orphans, helping with the cheetah release programmes and training interns/zookeepers that come here. She hopes to continue making a difference through public education, training the next generation of animal keepers and continuing to spend time keeping the cheetahs here as happy and loved as possible!