Julia Zumbroich

Laboratory Technician

(2018 – present) From an early age on, Julia learned about the importance of good care and respect for animals. After graduating from school in Germany, she enrolled into Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, but soon realized that humans aren’t that interesting after all. Therefore, she transferred to a B.Sc. in Biology at the University of Innsbruck, where she focused on courses on evolution, zoology, and molecular biology. For her bachelor’s thesis, she conducted field research on wild macaques in rural Thailand, where she first became aware of the importance of managing and reducing human-wildlife conflict. To continue her education, she moved to Vienna, Austria, and enrolled in the M.Sc. program in evolutionary biology, where she discovered her love for phylogenetics and the challenging extraction of fragmented DNA at the Natural History Museum. For her M.Sc. thesis she could apply these skills to cheetahs for the first time, analyzing historic and modern DNA originating from cheetahs from 36 countries. Four days after graduating in Nov 2018, Julia relocated to Namibia to start her position as Laboratory Technician at CCF’s Life Technologies Conservation Genetics Laboratory. She hopes to combine her research at CCF with a PhD soon, to further deepen her scientific training and combine genetic analyses with a direct implementation for wildlife conservation and the rescue of endangered species.