Eli Walker


(2013 – present) Eli Walker returned to CCF after finishing an MSc degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford in the UK. Eli grew up in Locust Grove, Georgia USA and has a BSc with two majors in Wildlife Biology and Captive Wildlife Care and Education from Unity College in Maine, USA. Eli started with CCF as an intern in 2011 and later was hired on to CCF’s full time staff as a Research Technician and Cheetah Keeper. Before leaving to Oxford he worked on several of our projects – running our scat detection programme, working in the cheetah husbandry team, was responsible for releasing cheetahs back into the wild, and helped with a variety of maintenance work and facility improvements in and around CCF’s centre.

Eli has now joined CCF as Curator, and he will be overseeing all of our captive wildlife operations (CCF’s sanctuary/rescue department, collaring, captures, releases, HWC, etc.), will coordinate all of CCF’s release efforts, and will be managing all of CCFs database and data systems across the organisation and will explore how we can deploy new technologies for improved data capture, storage, and analysis.