Carolina Torres

Ecologist/Conservation Scientist

2018 – present Carolina was born and raised in Colombia where she was exposed to nature and wildlife at a very early age, which made her develop an appreciation and love for everything related to the environment. Even though her career started off as an Industrial Engineer, she decided to commit her life and career to conservation after a thirty-eight day expedition down the Magdalena river, Colombia’s longest river. Seeing the beauty of the nature around her, and all the threats that it faces, this inspired her to fight for the protection of the environment. Which led her to volunteer for WWF Colombia in the policy office, and was hired on full-time as a consultant where she worked on policy issues for green growth and climate change with companies and cities for two years.

Afterwards, she decided to expand her skills and deepen her understanding which is why she decided to pursue a Masters. Carolina recently completed her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford, where she gained a critical understanding of biodiversity science and of the socio-economic, political, cultural, and institutional environments in which management and policy decisions are made in conservation. Additionally, she acquired a strong interest in conservation of wildlife and biodiversity through the use of new technologies. She developed this interest while doing her dissertation research in South Africa finding how to implement photography to current aerial monitoring methods to get more detailed information (e.g. sex, age, and other demographics) from wildlife surveys, using Cape buffalo as a case study. After graduating, she worked briefly with an ecotourism company in Colombia (Awake Adventures) to develop a conservation-through-ecotourism strategy and establish partnerships with conservation NGOs to pool efforts towards the same cause.

After her first wildlife experience, Carolina knew she wanted to get more fieldwork experience, which is why when the opportunity came up to work at the Cheetah Conservation Fund she didn’t hesitate to move her life to Namibia. Carolina started working with CCF in May 2018 and will be collaborating in different areas from biodiversity studies to research on human-wildlife conflict.