Vance G. Martin

President, WILD Foundation

Vance Martin, President of The WILD Foundation, has worked closely with Laurie Marker to help shape and grow CCF since its inception in 1991. For many years, WILD provided the US management team and conservation representation in the US and overseas. After helping establish CCF as an independent non-profit organization in 2001, he was it’s first President, and now continues on its board of directors. He has lived and worked in many countries during his career, and has a special working focus on Southern Africa and South Asia. Prior to helping Laurie Marker establish the CCF offices in the US, he lived abroad for 13 years, 10 of them at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland), as a senior manager and coordinator of environmental programs. Currently he spends most of his time on project-related or fundraising travel for WILD, connecting between the headquarters in Colorado with projects and affiliated organizations in numerous countries overseas and throughout the United States. He is on the board of directors of several other organizations including the Wilderness Foundation (South Africa); Conservation and Preservation Charities of America; Fulcrum Publishing, Inc; and more. He has been the Director (International) for the World Wilderness Congress since 1981, and the executive editor for all of its publications and proceedings; is listed in Who’s Who in Service to the Earth; Who’s Who in the West; and other references. He has a grown son and daughter as well as a loveable scamp of a granddaughter–and would like to spend more time with his dog, with a fly rod, or in wild country.