Richard Wiese

Richard Wiese is a world-class explorer and host of ABC’s new program, Born to Explore, premiered on September 3, 2011. He is also author of a detailed guidebook entitled the same name. Critically acclaimed Born to Explore is about local culture, people, places and the planet. Since its first airdate Born to Explore has been the number one show in America (in its time slot.) Wiese has been profiled from Travel and Leisure to The New York Times and appears regularly on Good Morning America.

Since he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 11, Richard has circled the globe capturing stunning images and living one adventure after another—from traveling with Bedouins in Africa and skiing to the North Pole. As a respected field scientist in 2002 Richard became the youngest man to become president of The Explorers Club. As an extreme adventurer his goal is to inspire young people and spark their interest for discovery and the love of outdoors.

Wiese’s philosophy is that living an active outdoor nature-filled life in today’s society is challenging but certainly not impossible. The premise of Born to Explore is as much about discovery of the natural world as it is for creating a positive understanding of the many beautiful cultures that inhabit our planet. Wiese is very dedicated to working with local communities around the world to have their message heard in their own words. Richard believes the most memorable aspect of any journey is not “the summit” but the people you meet along the way.