John Carver

John grew up on the East coast of the Untied States traveling each year with his father to explore the canyons and mountains of the West. An avid explorer, John moved to Arizona for college and spent his collegiate years working as a river guide in the Grand Canyon.

Today John is an Emmy Award winning producer/director working in documentary and broadcast production for more than 20 years. He is co-owner of Wolf Creek Productions in Tucson, Arizona were he has worked nationally with various broadcast networks, Fortune 500 companies as well as volunteering many hours to helping non-profits organizations produce media to promote their missions. His true passion lies in producing independent documentary films on culture and the environment. He spent several years filming with Navajo Indian master weavers and co-produced/directed a feature length documentary about the American West.

In 2006, inspired by his son Cameron, John and his family started, a web based non-profit organization who’s mission is to educate, raise awareness and engage young people about cheetahs, their ecosystem and the need to save and protect them.