Gary Kopff

President, Everest Management, Inc

Grandson of a gold miner in Alaska and Cripple Creek, Colorado, Mr. Kopff grew up in Colorado. He moved east as a Telluride Scholar and later graduated from Yale and received his Master’s Degree (1st in class) from Cornell’s Johnson School of Business.

He held various positions within Government and the private sector:

  • Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development working for Governor George Romney and James Lynn.
  • McKinsey & Company (Management Consultant).
  • Fannie Mae as partner-in-charge of Policy Development.
  • Co-head of the global finance practice at Strategic Planning Associates (later merged into Oliver Wyman).
  • Founder and President of two closely-held companies that provide asset management services and expert witness services in securities fraud cases.

Mr. Kopff has travelled throughout the seven continents as a high altitude mountain climber (reaching the peaks of the highest mountains of Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Antarctic) and also to experience endangered mammals: cheetah in Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa; mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda; black rhinoceros in Kenya and Tanzania; Rothchild giraffe in Kenya; orangutan in Indonesia (Kalimantan); Australian sea lions; Geoffroy’s spider monkey in Costa Rica; Asian elephants in Thailand, Bhutan, China, Nepal, and Indonesia; polar bears in Churchill, Canada and while dog-sledding on Baffin Island; leopard in Botswana; African wild dog in Botswana; and blue whales in the Antarctic ocean. In addition, he has experienced many species of penguin (Antarctica); elephant, lion, zebra and giraffe throughout Africa; and guanaco and llama (Patagonia).

Mr. Kopff has served on various National and International Boards and Committees of Outward Bound, including with Outward Bound Patron HRH Prince Philip. He and his wife, Judy, are volunteer clowns for the American Red Cross and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, entertaining triple and quadruple amputee Wounded Warriors and their families at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other DC area hospitals.