Candice Clough

Candice has been involved with the DC chapter of CCF since she returned from a volunteer excursion (as an Earthwatch volunteer) in Namibia 11 years ago, following programs, attending local events, and assisting with fundraisers. She also participated in an Earthwatch program in Mexico, as well as short duration projects in the DC and Mid-Atlantic areas. Candice has also been trained through the U.S. Humane Society’s Disaster Rescue Program, which has prepared her for various rescue situations, such as storm disaster or animal hoarding. She volunteers locally with Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Gaithersburg, MD), as well as Habitat for Humanity, and other local volunteer opportunities, such as delivering meals to the homeless in DC.

In her professional life, Candice has owned and managed the Clough Insurance Team (an Allstate Insurance Agency), located in Germantown, Maryland. She has won numerous awards, and participates in community functions, and has been selected as a member for the Agency Congress as a representative and advocate for over 12 years.