Alan Feldstein

Chairman and Founder, Infinite Safari Adventures

For over two decades, Alan Feldstein has been a successful marketing/advertising attorney in Los Angeles, working with a variety of clients in many different fields. In his 30’s Alan became passionate about rock climbing. But in 1993, Alan fell 40 feet off a mountain attempting to rescue a fellow climber, shattering his ankle and suffering four surgeries. And though he challenged his doctors and climbed again a year later, he soon decided to try a new sport, kayaking, about which he has become equally passionate. He has kayaked all over the world including British Columbia, Baja Mexico, the Hudson River, Hawaii, Turkey and Vietnam. As a believer that all things happen for a reason and take you down new and unsuspecting paths it was this new passion that led to a new career.

In 2005, in celebration of his 50th birthday Alan returned to Africa, a continent he fell in love with in 2000, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. While tracking chimps in the Mahale Mountains Alan met a kindred spirit, in the manager of the camp where he stayed, who loved kayaking too. In 2008, Alan and he became the first to kayak off the coast of Tanzania. He decided to merge his love for kayaking, his love of wildlife and his passion for Africa and adventure to create Infinite Safari Adventures, (, a wildlife safari company that offers a variety of adventurous add-on to the traditional wildlife safari, and is the only travel company in East Africa to offer kayaking. Today he has scaled back his law practice and now focuses most of his energies on getting people to come to Africa to see wildlife, go on adventures and have experiences that can have a profound effect on their lives. His company motto and his life philosophy is: “Someday Is Now!” It was also this passion that led him to CCF and helping save Cheetahs.

Alan is a member of the Adventurer’s Club of Los Angeles and is currently the Southern California Chapter Chair of the Explorer’s Club of which Laurie Marker is a fellow member. He is an avid nature photographer, and has had work appear in the Los Angeles Times, Wavelength Magazine, California Kayaker and the calendar.