Conservation and tourism thrive together


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FOR NEARLY four decades, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) of Namibia through its research and conservation programmes, has highlighted the robust link and crucial importance between conservation, tourism and people.

CCF, a long-standing collaborator and beneficiary of Nedbank Namibia’s Go Green Fund (GGF) through various projects, has illustrated a hands-on and unique conservation approach in reaching its objective of saving the cheetah in the wild – as well as invariably boosting the survival of many other species.

The Nedbank Go Green Fund was established in 2001, in partnership with the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF), to support individuals and organisations working towards a sustainable future for Namibians, endemic species and habitats.

With over 40 projects that have fully or partly been funded in the past 17 years, the GGF’s goal to promote conservation, education, sustainability, awareness and action, have been achieved.

The CCF has delved into the causes of threats against the cheetah and other carnivores, thereby not only protecting cheetah and wildlife, but in turn assisting farmers to adopt new management styles that benefit them, their surroundings and in turn, Namibia as a whole.

“The vast majority of wild cheetahs are outside protected areas, in areas populated by humans. Saving this magnificent animal from extinction requires innovative conservation methods that address the welfare of both cheetah and human populations over large landscapes,” Nadja le Roux, CCF’s community development manager said.

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