Earth Day Message from Dr. Marker


CCF News

For the 48th annual Earth Day, I want you to join me in celebrating the remaining population of cheetahs. There are still 7,100 cheetahs in the wild. While that’s not a lot of cheetahs, it’s not zero. Almost everyday it seems we lose a species from the planet. An animal that developed here and evolved to live in the world, the same way we did. Cheetah Conservation Fund along with conservation partners and zoos worldwide are working to ensure the cheetah doesn’t disappear from the wild. Your help makes it possible for our work to continue.

Conservation work can sometimes be disheartening; for every small victory, we still see losses. Sometimes it seems like the mission is too large and that we are not making a difference. That’s when it becomes critical that we step back – review the years of work in research, education, and conservation – to appreciate what’s been done to save species.

This Earth Day, help us celebrate the cheetah, its ecosystem, the people who have learned to share their space with wildlife. Help us celebrate how much has been accomplished to keep the cheetah and all the remaining populations of wildlife on the Earth, in the wild – here for future generations.

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Featured photo by Angela Scott