CCF in Three Parts – The Panotriptych Experience

Dr. Laurie Marker, CCF staff and a group of volunteers were drafted into service to help a New York-based artist produce a unique three-act photographic concept, the Panotriptych™, to tell the story of Dr. Marker’s work with cheetahs. The complex image the group helped create will become part of a larger art project featuring the world’s leading conservationists, EXTRAORDINARY CONSERVATIONISTS, that will unfold over the next several years.

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Francis Assadi is the filmmaker, photographer and designer who conceived this ambitious project. Inspired by the wide-angle scope of a panorama and defined by the triple-image structure of a triptych, Assadi shot Dr. Marker and her supporting cast in three different scenes that he will combine into a single panorama image through post-production processes. Assadi intends the result to be a definitive and immersive photograph that conveys the scope of Dr. Marker’s work as well as her passion for the cheetah in one compelling visual story.

“The goal of the panotriptych project is to create heightened awareness among existing and potential supporters and to offer tangible opportunities to support for crucial conservation efforts around the globe. The panotriptychs are conceived for high quality, almost life-size prints, which will offer a uniquely immersive viewing experience,” said Assadi.

Assadi and his production manager, Eliana Escobedo, visited CCF for three days in late June to produce the images with Dr. Marker. The set-ups involved cheetahs, livestock guarding dogs, and many other people and were so complex that only one could be completed during a given day. Planning for the shoot began one year ago when Assadi met Dr. Marker at an event in New York City.

“I’ve never participated in a photo shoot anything like this before,” said Dr. Marker. “It was exciting and at the same time, very difficult to pull off. I thank Tess Robitschko, my Executive Assistant, for coordinating the moving pieces of this complicated puzzle. We could not have done this without her.”

During a five-week tour of Africa this summer, Assadi also shot with Damien Mander of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation; Lisa Hywood from the Tikki Hywood Trust; Dr. Jana Pretorius of the Rhino Pride Foundation; and Wilfred Chivell, founder of the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary.

For more info on the work portrayed in each scene of the CCF Panotriptych please view the:

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