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This year began with a dire warning. A landmark study of which I was a contributing author, determined the cheetah – the world’s fastest land mammal – to be losing its race against extinction. With fewer than 8,000 remaining in the wild, cheetahs are on a major decline. This decline not only impacts the cheetah, but all species sharing its ecosystem, including people. Please, will you help Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) continue our fight to save this magnificent feline and secure an enduring home range for cheetahs?

Once again, a group of loyal CCF supporters have generously committed to matching your donation. During our 2017 Year-End Campaign, “Home Range for the Holidays,” our CCF Challengers will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $275,000. This is our most critical fundraising effort of the year. Please make a generous gift to CCF before midnight December 31 so we can continue our mission to save this amazing species in 2018.

Double Your Donation to CCF

Over the past three decades, we’ve helped the cheetah population of Namibia rebound and stabilize, and now our country has more spotted big cats than any other nation. Because of our impact — made possible by your support — Namibia has earned the nickname, “Cheetah Capital of the World.” By contributing today, you can help us continue our highly successful programs in Namibia, and at the same time, help extend our reach across borders to benefit cheetahs in other African nations. Together, we are the best hope to save this species from extinction.

Consider what we have accomplished. Over the past three decades, CCF has:

  • Touched the lives of more than 450,000 international young learners eager to learn about this iconic feline through our Future Conservationists of Africa program. This education outreach initiative is credited with inspiring future generations of ecologists, conservationists and government leaders, making our impact in Africa sustainable over the long term.
  • Improved livelihoods for the families of more than 5,000 rural Namibians who have completed our Future Farmers of Africa training course. CCF teaches land users best agricultural practices, including how to employ non-lethal predator control tools like the CCF Livestock Guarding Dog. Farmers enjoy a better bottom line, and cheetahs in Namibia are thriving.
  • Placed more than 650 CCF Livestock Guarding Dogs with Namibian farmers to protect small stock animals. These specially-bred and trained dogs serve as a buffer between farmers and predators, sparing cheetahs from conflict, as farmers with dogs report a decrease in predation ranging from 80 to 100 percent. Their presence also helps rural families break the cycle of poverty by enabling children to attend school instead of guard flocks.
  • Rescued and rehabilitated nearly 1,000 injured or orphaned cheetahs, providing many of them with forever homes in our CCF Cheetah Sanctuary. We have also released more than 600 cage-trapped cheetahs back into the wild to repopulate landscapes.
  • Restored thousands of acres of Namibian farmlands and wildlife habitat by selectively harvesting excess thorn bush and converting it into a clean-burning, biomass fuel product, Bushblok.

Working to save the cheetah is challenging, and with greater resources CCF can expand our programs throughout the cheetah’s African range. But our ability to succeed depends on you. Without your support, CCF’s research, education and conservation programs cannot move forward, and we cannot help the cheetah outrun extinction.

On behalf of everyone at CCF, thank you in advance for supporting our mission. Our greatest holiday wish is that together we create a world in which there is enough home range for every cheetah.

Please enjoy a special thank you gift for donating during our matching campaign! Celebrate the cheetah with these printable ornaments. Decorate your home range for the holidays by printing them and following the included instructions.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Program Gives Federal Workers Another Way to Support Our Mission

Cheetah Conservation Fund’s CFC #12164

The CFC makes it easy for government employees to make automatic donations to help support the cheetahs.

Request an enrollment form from your HR representative.

  • Select Cheetah Conservation Fund (CFC #12164) on the form.
  • Select the amount and interval at which you would like to donate.
  • Check the box allowing release of your information to CCF so that we can acknowledge your support at the end of the year.

That’s all you have to do—your contributions will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. Not only will you be doubling your contributions during our bi-annual matching campaigns, you’ll be helping CCF all year long.

Automatic giving to CCF through the CFC is an easy and effective way to ensure that we have the necessary, steady funding we need to support our research, education and conservation programs. (If you aren’t eligible to take part in the CFC, consider becoming a recurring donor for CCF. It’s another great way to show your support throughout the year.)

The 2016 Combined Federal Campaign registration period is only open through January 12, 2018 — so don’t delay, select CCF today!