CCF Research Centre Is Open to Everyone


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Since 1990, CCF has envisioned to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence in research and education on cheetahs and their eco-systems, with an inclusive stakeholders work relation to achieve best practices in the conservation and management of the world’s cheetahs.

The research centre has dynamically exceeded the understanding of the cheetah’s biology and ecology to eco-tourism, integrated livestock and wildlife farming systems, conservation and research on biodiversity. CCF works with local Namibians, national and international communities in raising awareness and training to assist farmer reduce their losses of livestock to Cheetah.

CCF has been hosting University of Namibia students from the field of Geography and Environmental Science as well as Agriculture who are using the research centre and surrounding land for data collection. Wilhelmina Nuule & Nahas Angula Enkono have identified farmers who have cleared their land and have been using those areas for data collection for their research focusing on the influx of carbon dioxide and bush encroachments effect on soil quality. They have been comparing cleared land areas vs non-cleared land areas.

“We are worried about sustainability, we want to make sure that in years to come there is something for our children. We want to study the land management methods we use and determine the affects is has on our environment and how the land will look like in the near future. We don’t want to come up with projects and farming practices that are going to bring up problems” said Nyasha Blessing, PHD student whose research focuses on effect of bush clearing methods on metabolic carbon found in plants and soil.

The students indicated that they chose CCF Namibia as their primary location because the field at CCF is cleared with optimum accuracy and it is at the centre of the most affected areas by bush encroachment which makes it possible for their research. Also the hospitality and support from the CCF Research Centre and long standing relationship with UNNAM makes it an ideal area to conduct studies.

CCF has always opened their doors to the public in any capacity, and is an exemplarily centre to understand the complexity of livestock and wildlife integrated farming systems. CCF has its own model farm with livestock and livestock guarding dogs, and farms without conflict with wildlife. CCF is, and always has been, open to share with others. It is a must stop for visitors to see the research centre, outside of Otjiwarongo, Namibia.

CCF welcomes day visitors and overnight guests, and encourages people to come and learn about the cheetah and its ecosystem, and how we can work together in a landscape approach with our neighbouring freehold farmers, Waterberg National Park and communal conservancies to maintain healthy ecosystems and biodiversity that can benefit people and wildlife.