Frontline Conservation Presentations by CCF’s Brian Badger


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CCF’s Director of Conservation & Outreach, Brian Badger is currently available for lectures and events in the United States. He completed a tour of U.S. zoos at the beginning of 2016, that included stops in Maryland, Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona. Brian Badger’s talks in The Diversity of Front-Line Conservation series focused on the broader aspects of conservation. His presentations, focused on the long-term survival of the cheetah, consider the entire landscape with the wildlife and the people included which is the holistic approach to conservation that drives CCF’s success; it is the key to the future any species.

Brian’s humor and insightful first-hand accounts from his work at CCF in Namibia, made the message of holistic conservation understandable to zoo audiences. His visit to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore for their Sex at the Zoo Valentine’s Day event was a big hit. The audience was fascinated to learn the mating difficulties of the cheetah in captivity and how female cheetahs are in control when it comes to choosing mates. Other events included zoo staff Lunch and Learn talks, focused on special topics pertaining to holistic conservation and zoo lectures with public audiences.

More recently Brian was at Busch Gardens Tampa and Central Florida Zoo to help celebrate International Cheetah Day on December 4th. This yearly conservation day focused on the cheetah is an opportunity for zoos and conservation organizations to raise awareness for their efforts to save the species. Brian met with cheetah keepers and assisted in the day’s exhibit presentations, delivering his front-line conservation perspectives to zoo guests.

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