A New Liquid Nitrogen Tank for CCF!


Thanks to Air Liquide!

One part of CCF’s multifaceted research on cheetahs is our biomedical research. CCF systematically collects serum, plasma, buffy coat (The thin buff-colored layer in a blood sample after centrifugation, composed of white blood cells and platelets), red blood cells, hair, and skin samples during medical workups of cheetahs in addition to sperm from male cheetahs to study their reproductive physiology.

All collected samples are stored mainly in liquid nitrogen tanks and form CCF’s Genome Resource Bank (GRB). Currently, CCF’s reproductive GRB contains a total of 497 cryo-preserved sperm samples that have been collected since 2002 from captive and wild cheetahs in Namibia, representing 262 individual cheetahs. These sperm samples must be stored in liquid nitrogen at -200°C so that the viability of the samples will be ensured.

Since 2011, Air Liquide, based in Tsumeb, Namibia, has been a generous supporter of CCF by providing continuous liquid nitrogen for our GRB regularly refiling our liquid nitrogen transport tanks used to re-fill our sample storage tanks. In 2016, CCF was in need of another transport tank for liquid nitrogen to ensure that the levels in the sample tanks would not drop below the minimal level. With the help of Woody Garmon (Member and Chairman of the Board of CCFUSA), who was working for Air Liquide before retiring, and Ian Gwilt Sales Director of Air Liquide, South Africa, CCF just received a new 35l liquid nitrogen tank donated. The tank was delivered on the 25th of November 2016 and had already been filled with liquid nitrogen.

A HUGE thanks goes out from CCF Staff to Air Liquide along with Ian Gwilt and Woody Garmon, for their continuous support and generous donation!

This charitable contribution will support CCF’s ongoing research on cheetahs and ensure the continuous maintenance of CCF’s Genome Resource Bank.

nitrogentank1 nitrogentank2