National Dog Day – Name Our Newest LSGD

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Please help us celebrate National Dog Day and welcome the newest addition to CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog Breeding Program! This little guy, who is 11 weeks old, came to CCF from Taylor Farms in Texas, USA.

You can help us name him! With a minimum donation of $10 you can choose from our winning selection of names from this year’s games in Rio and one special name from Sochi 2014.
National DOg Day - Name CCF's DOg
The mother and father of this puppy are both originally from Turkey, meaning new bloodlines can be added to our breeding colony! The puppy had a long journey over to Namibia, but was a very well behaved boy throughout the trip. He is already making friends with the other breeding dogs at CCF and seems to be enjoying his new home.

Our new dog has a winning name and it’s… Bolt! The contest was fantastic and we had a lot of responses and donations. Thank you so much for your support.

By: CCF Staff