Cheetah Essay Contest – “Why Should We Save Cheetahs?”

The essays below are unedited to reflect the voice of the original author.

Emily Sugg

#1 Cheetah Lover
Emily Sugg 1
Are cheetahs worth saving? Yes they are worth saving. We can not give up yet. There are many things we can do to save them.

Cheetahs are worth saving, because they are wonderful creatures. They help lower prey population so prey don’t overpopulate. Also we do not want to lose a Genis World record of fastest animal (on land). Especially to a human problem. They are beautiful creatures and we CAN save them.

You can save the cheetahs by having interactions with cheetahs to humans. Also you could record or show cheetah races with their dog partner. They pay to get in so you would get some money. You could use the money for new dog/puppy pens. When you bring a cheetah to people discribe the importance and why you should save them/donate. Then maybe they can connect to the cheetah kind.

Why do I LOVE cheetahs? I can’t name all of them it would fill up the whole page. To start off I have been loving cheetahs for over 4 years now. You might remember me of the girl that painted the cheetah picture. Yes we remember you Emily! Also every time I get one of the newsletters. I smile and sit there on the could for 30 minutes looking at it. Wanting to grow up to work and at least get up close to a cheetah. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, cheetahs. smile* heart*

We should save the cheetahs, because I mean they are awesome. With interactions you can get some money for dog pens. Also when people see how beautiful they are they can’t resist donating.

From your,
#1 cheetah lover
Emily Sugg

Emily Sugg 2


Logan McLean

Cheetah Superheroes
Logan Mclean 1

Which animal is practically the face of speed and runs like The Flash? The cheetah, of course! If anything this beauty should be noticed for just exactly how special they are. At the same time, more people should realize how many cheetahs we’re losing. But overall, these felines have as much awesome in one of their spots as Batman has in his utility belt!

If people can truly aid the cheetah in the race to defeat extinction, then guess what? We wouldn’t lose the record-holding racer of the world! Or the elegant cat with the prettiest spots – and you guessed it, we could still see one of the main highlights of a safari if we won the fight. Every day, someone is bound to say, “that person runs like a cheetah,” and if you think about it, if the cheetahs go extinct, then will future people even use the simile? Would the babies born today never know the animal who could cream anything else in a running race? Nobody could see the lovable, silver-backed cheetah cubs if they weren’t any. Oh, and who could forget the puns? Plenty of people make jokes about someone being a “cheetah”, when it’s supposed to sound like “cheater”. Would anyone really be able to use those jokes if these incredibly intriguing animals are gone? Things would be as tough as Captain America’s shield if the cheetah went extinct.

Let’s get real here: cheetahs are basically the coolest big cat out there. For goodness sake, they’re the fastest of all of them! Topping off that, tigers and lions are only successful in hunting one-third of the time. Cheetahs, however, are successful fifty percent of the time! They’re also the perfect racer: a flexible spine, a tail like a rudder, large nostrils for oxygen, semi-retractable claws, and long legs! This kitty is the ultimate runner! They’ve also got binocular eye vision and tear lines down their face. So while the big predators or napping like pros during the day, the cheetah is toughing out the afternoon heat. These felines are more of a wonder than Wonder Woman herself!

I know this isn’t about me, but I think I would be heartbroken if cheetahs go out. I admire those animals more than I admire those brave Disney characters. But the thought of these cats out in the wild, facing human dangers and natural dangers, just gives me goosebumps of hope (if those even exist). It gives me more strength than Hulk in an anger tantrum.

Though I might be just a kid, I try my best to help these spotted charms. I spread the word at my school, and I donate my allowance to CCF. I bet other kids can and are doing that, too! If I could, I would possibly try to expand the cheetah’s population by rehabilitating them in North America, perhaps near the Great Plains. They might be able to replace native predators who are dying out, and not only that, but finally give the pronghorn a challenge!

I wish I could do more to help, and I wish that there was some sort of cheetah hero to save them. But I do realize that nobody has to have a super power to be a super hero, all we have to do is take action, just like CCF. And isn’t that the best type of superhero?

Logan Mclean 2

Avery Laramore

Smile-tastic Essay

People Have Help The Cheetah From Being Extinct!!!!!

Some people wonder, “Why save the cheetah from being extinct?” On the other hand, others have a head start in joining in the race to save Africa’s fastest cats. I think people should join the race to save the cheetah, people have to help the cheetah from being extinct because they can be trained to love you, cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animal, and most of all because it would mess up the food chain. People have to help the cheetah from being extinct because they can be trained to love you. One time, I read a book called Caring for Cheetahs from the Challenger Library at home. Dr, Laurie, a doctor at CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) worked with a cheetah called Chewbacca, a cute and calm cheetah. However, in a few minutes I looked at the CCF website on our computer then saw a title called The Chewbacca Challenge, I clicked on it but I realized that it said Chewbacca has died, I even cried it was so sad. Now, I knew that the workers at the CCF and Dr. Laurie posted that I knew they loved Chewbacca very much, and then I knew that Chewbacca loved them back. (Considered a special story BTW: these both things are very old so…)

My next reason that people have to help the cheetah from being extinct is because they are the fastest land animals in the world. You’re probably thinking, why does this reason matter? Well, let me put it to you this way, who in the entire world would want the fastest land animals (for instance, 75 miles per hour) extinct? I would be surprised if someone wanted cheetahs extinct. For instance, some people’s favorite animals are cheetahs just because of their amazing speed. So, people have to help the cheetah from being extinct because cheetahs are the fastest land animal.

My last but not least reason that people have to help save the cheetah from being extinct is because it messes up the food chain of the world. If we lost the cheetah then who would eat all the gazelles? In addition, lions kill and eat cheetahs and cheetahs are predators to gazelles. Dr. Laurie said, “Don’t wait for ‘somebody’ to do it, you can do anything!” Also when I read that quote then I realized the person in the future who would help save the cheetahs from extinct, that future cheetah researcher would be a ‘somebody’ like me. For this reason, we have to keep the cheetahs alive because it messes up the food chain.

Therefore, people have to help save the cheetah from being extinct is that cheetahs can be trained to love you, cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world (for example, they can run 75 miles an hour in just three seconds!) another example is it would mess up the food chain of the entire world. We could do all that, if we pay attention to the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) because they could believe thet every child that donated to the CCF could save all the endangered species in the world! Smile*x33


Kaitlyn Mello

She Loves Cheetahs!

I LOVE CHEETAHS! We need to save them!

I think we should save cheetahs because they are the fastest land animal. I think it’s really cool that they are the fastest land animal on earth. Even though they can’t stay at their top speed forever or for a long time, if people kill them all, we will have to have a new fastest land animal. Another reason why we should save cheetahs is because we use them to hunt in Asia. They help us hunt like rabbits, wildebeest calves, warthogs, and Thomson gazelles (remember these are not all the animals that cheetahs help us hunt).

Cheetahs are special because, their tail helps them to steer when they are running. I think that’s special because I don’t think that any other animal can use its tail to steer when they are running. Another thing that I think is special about them is that they are the fastest land animal in the world. One more thing that is special about them is that they are the only cat in the cat family that can’t retract their claws. I think that is super super SUPER cool!!!!!!

If cheetahs were gone, I would probably cry for days and days and days, because I have loved, loved them since 1st grade. And I still love them. If they were gone I’d buy every cheetah stuffed animal in the world. Well I mean, I wouldn’t buy all the stuffed animal cheetahs in the world, but I sure would buy a whole lot of them. And I would go to the WWF Together app ( that I have) and donate money to help them save other endangered animals from dying out.

CCF is helping save the cheetahs by putting collars on cheetahs to keep track of them, so they can see if they’re healthy and if they’re in good shape or in need of medical help. Also, the CCF educates livestock farmers around Namibia about how to prevent cheetahs from preying on their livestock without resorting to shooting them instead. They also lobby for stronger enforcement of endangered species and anti-poaching laws.

I would help save the cheetahs by starting a fundraiser at my school to help raise money for medical supplies and land for the CCF to continue their good work. I would also raise money on-line so more people could support saving the cheetahs.


Joy Keces

CHEETAH (YAY Joy – she used glitter!!!!!)

The most noble of cats
Honored by Pharaohs
Graceful, sleek, intelligent
Beauty in motion
Now, sadly, its survival in question
We cannot afford to lose one of God’s most noble creations. As a predator the cheetah serves an ecological purpose in keeping the bushveld and environs healthy.

Spread the word that there is an organization dedicated to saving the cheetah from extinction. The Cheetah Conservation Fund uses education, resource management, community involvement, conservation and guard dog breeding.

Join CCF in pioneering and working with their win-win programs that benefit the cheetah, farmers, their livestock and the faithful guard dogs that protect them.

Dr. Laurie Marker’s CCF worldwide school educational programs, magazine, newspaper and billboard exposure, bring attention to humans that saving a species is importnat to the ecological chain. Adding “Save the cheetah” logos on milk and juice cartons could get more public attention. The “cheetah boutique” is a fun way to raise money. The boutique could also sell hats, caps, pens, jackets, bracelets, pendants, shirts and toys in addition to what is now offered. A school or cheetah volunteer group could have a fund raiser similar to selling Girl Scout cookies. Fund raising merchandise from the ‘cheetah boutique” sold at craft fairs could increase exposure to CCF’s work.

A winner for all: cheetahkind, mankind, earthkind.

Joy Keces

Evelyn Acton and Joseph Acton

Safety Corridors for Cheetah Conservation and Genetic Diversity

“Look folks! A real live cheetah!” the ranger shouts excitedly, pointing towards the plain.

You look. In front of you, you see a majestic beautiful cat. Everyone around you has their eyes glued on these graceful creatures. Then you realize it’s a hunting crouch. You look forward and see a gazelle. The cheetah crouches and moves forward. Her coat is camouflaged with the plain’s grass and you find it hard to see. Then you realize there are five little cheetah cubs. Around their necks you see a sort of “mane” of fur. You look back and the mother is running to catch the gazelle. She is catching speed and her muscles are working overtime. Then you realize how strong the mother is and, as she catches the gazelle, you realize these cats are wonderful. “You’re probably not going to see those a lot”, said the ranger, “Unfortunately, there aren’t many cheetahs around here, so those baby cheetah siblings might mate with each other they’re older. That’s bad for their genetic diversity.”

You look back trying to get a last glimpse at those amazing cheetahs. You will never forget the first time you saw those beautiful animals.

Imagine you are a cheetah. You see a goat grazing in the grass ahead of you. You also see a farmer standing there with a gun ready to shoot anyone who comes to close. You debate the risk of getting shot compared to your hunger. You couldn’t keep up with the gazelle migration, and you are so hungry, but finally you decide to suffer your hunger instead of being shot.

What should we do to help increase the genetic diversity. 1 and also reduce human-cheetah conflict? I have an idea. I think we should build corridors for the cheetahs to move through to get to places safely, and reduce interactions with humans. Now cheetahs can avoid farmers and other hunters. Also they can get to other places where other cheetahs live, giving them a wider access to to different cheetahs for mating. Cheetah corridors would solve both problems: poor genetic diversity and human-cheetah conflict. This idea has been used before in many different countries, to help connect tiger reserves to each other in Asia, 2 to protect jaguars in Central America, 3 and to help wildlife in Canada avoid cars and other dangers.4

In conclusion, I think we should save cheetahs because they are very beautiful, strong, and majestic. And my idea to save them is to build safety corridors connecting different regions. That way they can hunt without being disturbed while avoiding humans, and they could meet other cheetahs while still being safe. Thank you for reading and I hope you like this essay! Go cheetahs!!

1 Dobrynin et al, Genomic legacy of the African cheetah, Acionyx jubatus”, Genome Biology (2015) 16: 277
2 Wikramanayake et al, “Designing a conservation landscape for tigers in human dominated environments”, Conservation Biology (2004) 18: 839
3 Rabinowitz & Zeller, “A range-wide model of landscape connectivity and conservation for the jaguar, Panthera onca”, Biological Conservation (2010)143: 939
4 “Safe Passages”, Eds. Beckmann et al, Island Press, 2010

Eveyn and Joseph Acton

Erin Mcgeehan

Cheetahs – Small and fast, just like Erin

Erin Mcgeehan 1

I think we should save the cheetahs because they don’t have to be killed there killed because they go to farms and farmers kill them. And they are killed for there fur to. They are also beutiful cats. I really like them they are small and fast just like me. They are my first favrote animal. If they were gone I would be very sad there would not be an animal with spots that does not climb trees very often. CCF are breeding and giving dogs to farmers to keep cheetahs away from farms so the farmers won’t kill them while the dogs are there they are kept in pens. They are also caring for goats as well as cheetahs they live in a sanctuary. They are also building more pens for dogs they are helping to keep the cheetah population up and will continue doing it to save the cheetah.

Erin Mcgeehan 2

Adam Cha 2nd Grade

Saving Cheetahs


I like cheetahs because they are the worlds fastest land animal. The cheetah’s tail helps them steer. their claws help them run fast too. They should be saved because when I grow up I want my kids to be able to see them too. My plan is to make a base with a race track. the cheetahs will race each other to help raise money for the cheetahs. the money will help buy food. It will also help protect them from bad people who want to kill them for their fur.


Anna 2nd Grade

Why should we save the cheetahs?


Well here’s why!
Cheetahs are very beautiful animals. They are graceful runners and they are one of a kind animal.
We should save cheetahs because they are inporntint for inviormint. Hunting cheetahs for their furr it’s unexeptel and very crol. Cheetahs eat pry animals. When theres not enoth cheetahs the pry animals take over the savannon.
If cheetahs were exctinct I would feel very unhappy and sad. The cheetah is one of my favrit animals. I hope that you see how inpornt it is to save the cheetahs!
thank you!


Brianna 2nd Grade

Cheetahs are inportin decaes they are the olye ailmls that cnd run fast.


Chloe 2nd Grade

The cheetah is the fastis animelin the world. reaching speeds of up to 113 km. they can accelerate from 0 to 75 mph too sevente fiv cheetahs use their toyls to steer like a rudder for a boat the cheetah have a long rmas culr tall that has a flat shap the tall almost fonchins like a ruddr. If pepel bont see cheetas they well be sad.
Shokt if they wer gone Because ther wos so meny of them.
Whys shoulDwe solve cHeetas Cheetas are the fastis animal in the world and some pepel will be and will fiyt pepelcus thersad pep miyt not caroind hot be sad and they miyt or you with echuthr. and if they see a cheetah thay miyt deskerd.

Chloe_1 Chloe_2

Chris 2nd Grade



Why should we save cheetahs?


Because if they keep on expiring then no more cheetahs in the world.


What’s so special abouth them


We all need caruvors.


How would you feel if they were gone


I will be sad if they were gone. Because they are one of the best animals in the wrold.

My writing

I think we should save the cheetahs because they are the fastist animals in the wrold. By the way they are faster than a hyada and the sillvirato and ladbergeny.


Dominick IBarra 2nd Grade

We shod save the cheetas because we cod halp them because pepol are tering da ther habutat. If pepol keep taking dawn ther habutet they will be estent forever.
Cheetas are speciel because ther the fastist anumol and they go 75 mph. Cheetahs ues ther tall to ster like a ruddr from a boate.
I wod feel sad because thay wod be estent forever.


Edison Forbes 2nd Grade

The scanner has dust on it so when a cheetah steps on it it will scan the foot print.

The scanner has dust on it so when a cheetah steps on it it will scan the foot print.

Why I think cheetahs should be saved is because ther can keep the ecosystem balanced between plant and prey because it they prey ate to many plants with out any predators including cheetahs the savanna would have no grass.
I think cheetahs are special is because cheetahs are the only feline that chirps. Cheetah cubs look like honey badgers to keep the lions from hunting the cubs. Its mimicry.
If cheetahs were gone I would feel so sad I will cry so hard I will need a stuffed animal to helpme.


Evelin Lozano 2nd Grade Mrs carisons class

Saving Cheetahs by Evelin Miron Lozano

We should save the cheetahs because some people’s favorite animal is cheetahs. Cheetahs are very important. People love cheetahs because they are their favorite animals. When people go to the zoo and want to see the cheetahs, they will be sad because cheetahs are becoming extinct. People are hunting cheetahs.

We should save the cheetahs because they run so fast and people’s favorite animal is a cheetahs so we should save the cheetahs. Cheetahs run so fast, they could run to 100 mph. I’m sure the cheetah eat other animals but cheetahs are getting hunted by people. We need to save the cheetahs.

Cheetahs are good animals. Zoos are saving cheetahs so they could be safe and not get hunted by people. Hunters kill cheetahs to sell the fur of the cheetahs. We lost over 90 cheetahs. Hunters use the fur of the cheetahs so they could make coats out of them. Hunters get more money because they are killing the cheetahs. We need to save the Cheetahs. Hunters are selling the fur from them, we lost over 90 cheetahs and we have 200. Cheetahs are also known as the hunting leopard, they are big cats that live mainly in eastern and southern Africa and a few parts of Iran and are the only member of the genus acinonyx subfamily felinae. Cheetahs are very sneaky animals.


Ever Angel 2nd grade

Why should we save the cheetas?

We shid save the cheetas. because we bont want to be ded they’re good animls and the coolis thers some gray cheetas and wayt and some peopeil do not want them to day we want them to srvayv and live thes pore animls hunt Foreahose and Food I hop thay are olayF. Her to another sorry her my plan to save the cheeta is to hayd the cheeta so they do not get cach dy a animal that is like the most scery a paython or a tagr becos thos ar Fast to but I know that thay dot lik to de trapt I know Cheeta ar cats to but we got to do something For them so thay dot dy cild dy a animl.

Ever_Angel_1 Ever_Angel_2

Jackson Koehler – STEM Launch 2nd Grade


I think cheetahs are very important. My favorite stuffed animal is my Charlie Cheetah. And if they were gone, I would feel very very, very sad. I think cheetahs are very important because they eat prey which is very good for the earth, because if they didn’t it would overflow with animals. If predators didn’t eat prey, there would be too many animals, and it would be hard for kids to play outside. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world! It they were gone, they would have to find the next fastest animal. But they wouldn’t be as fast as cheetahs. They are also very decorative and pretty, and it would be hard to imagine that all of them would be gone. Cheetahs are important in many ways of the life cycle. They are almost at the top of the food chain. And it would be very sad because the only thing to remember them would be stuffed animals and picture on the Internet.

Jesus C

We need to save cheetahs because they run fast, they jump high. My plan is we can make signs of “do not kill cheetahs” or say to people “please do not kill cheetahs”, because they do need to exist and they need space to live like us. We need space too, NO because the species was over and the other children not to look. And they are beautiful, strong and fast PLEASE HELP US.

Mike Anothy Diosdado Martinez 2nd Grade

If cheetans were gone who would run fast.
Cheetahs run fast.
Cheetahs help us because cheetahs help people. Learn.
Cheetahs should be saved because they run fast and they also help kids Learn about them.
Cheetahs Look cool because theye have cool Fur.


Mason Ockel

Endangered Cheetahs

Cheetahs are in danger of extinction. Hunters are killing cheetahs for there fur. Farmers are also killing cheetahs. The farmers think cheetahs are wild pests. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world. My favorite animal is a cheetah. Plus we need predators like cheetahs. Cheetahs are actually purity nice animals. I like cheetahs because you can never beat them in a rase. The special thing about cheetahs is there speed they can run about 75 miles per hour. So when there is a hunter near by it makes a fast git away. If cheetahs were extinct I would be the vital to the life cycle. Cheetahs are beautiful spotted creatures that deserve life not death. These are my reasons about why we should save Cheetahs.

Mason_Ockel_2 Mason_Ockel_3


I think we should save cheetahs because it will mess up the food chain if they disappear. The cheetahs are special because there cute and they can run 70 miles an hour.


Paloma Quintero

I like cheetahs because they are fastest running cat in the world, and have spots.
You can voluteer so you can save the cheetahs, you can donate some money, you can signup and join the team. We need to save the cheetahs because there are essential for the ecosystems.

The cheetah is Africa’s most endangered big cat. We’ve lost over 90% of the world’s population of wild cheetahs in the last 100 years, and if we don’t act today, we could lose the cheetah forever. As the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild, CCF offers a number of ways that you can help the cheetah win the race againts extinction. You can do it right now, right where you are.

Paloma_Quintero_1 Paloma_Quintero_2