Year-End Challenge 2015

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This year has been the most amazing year in the history of Cheetah Conservation Fund! It is difficult to believe we are nearing the close of 2015 and the close of our 25th Anniversary celebration — we have accomplished so much, but there is still so much to do, and we need your help!

Because of the incredible generosity of a group of loyal Cheetah Coalition Members, all gifts made to CCF by December 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar – up to $295,000 – during our CCF Year-End Challenge Campaign. This is one of our most important annual fundraising events, and maximizing this opportunity is critical to our success in 2016. Please make a generous gift to CCF before December 31 so we can meet our fundraising goals and continue our mission to save the wild cheetah in the coming year.

In 2015, CCF made great strides. We hosted a record number of visitors and bred and placed a record number of livestock guarding dogs with farmers. We held the most successful Namibian Gala to date, traveled to more than a dozen countries to educate people from all walks of life about the cheetah, and completed a full year of weekly Future Farmers of Africa training sessions in the Eastern Communal area known as Hereroland. We also appointed the Honourable Professor Peter Katjavivi, Namibia’s Speaker of the National Assembly, as our International Patron to help us forge new relationships and implement our conservation.
Twenty-five years is an incredible milestone for an organization like ours. Supporters like you play a major role by making this all possible, and for this, we are exceptionally grateful. Looking back over the past 25 years, CCF has…

  • Evolved from a simple research outpost into the world’s leading resource for the cheetah, a research, education and conservation institution with successful programs that have doubled the number of wild cheetah in Namibia
  • Impacted the lives of more than 400,000 international young learners eager to learn about this beautiful big cat
  • Welcomed more than 90,000 international visitors who journeyed to CCF to witness conservation in action
  • Improved livelihoods for the families of more than 4,500 rural Namibians who enrolled in our Future Farmers of Africa training course
  • Placed more than 650 Livestock Guarding Dogs on Namibian farms that are credited with reducing livestock losses due to predation by 80 to 100 percent and saving hundreds of cheetah lives
  • Rescued nearly 1,000 captured, injured or orphaned cheetahs, providing many of them forever homes in CCF’s Cheetah Sanctuary
  • Released more than 600 cage-trapped cheetahs back into the wild in Namibia
  • Educated more than 300 biologists representing more than 15 African cheetah-range nations in our conservation biology training program
  • Helped establish collaborative cheetah conservation programs in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Iran, and lent expertise to governments of other historical cheetah-range countries seeking to re-establish populations
  • Restored thousands of acres of Namibian wildlife habitat by selectively harvesting excess thornbush and turning it into the clean-burning fuel log, Bushblok
  • Generated an estimated US$3.5 million annual impact on the Namibian economy through job creation, livelihood development and by driving the tourism industry
  • Shifted the attitude of an entire nation towards its wildlife, generating such pride that the same people who had once viewed cheetah as vermin now proudly declare their country to be “Cheetah Capital of the World”

Most importantly, CCF has created an unparalleled model for large predator conservation that may be the critical difference between long-term sustainability and extinction for the species. This list of achievements underscores the theme of our 25th Anniversary Celebration, Changing the World to Save the Cheetah. We hope you feel the same pride that we do for all we have accomplished together in these 25 years.
By making your gift to CCF today, you will help us continue to ensure a future for the cheetah on Earth. We consider you an integral part of CCF; you are equally responsible for our success and a valued member of our extended cheetah family. Please enjoy the enclosed decals as a way to commemorate our special relationship, and please share them with your friends and family, too!
Please remember to make your year-end gift to CCF by December 31, 2015 so it will be matched during our CCF Year-End Challenge Campaign. Money we raise between now and the last day of 2015 will double in value. This will enable us to continue our work in Namibia and implement strategies to save the wild cheetah throughout its range in 2016.
Please use the enclosed return envelope or make your donation online at
On behalf of everyone at CCF, we thank you for your continued generosity. Together, we can help the cheetah win its race against extinction!

For cheetahs everywhere…
Warm regards,
Dr. Laurie Marker
Founder & Executive Director

P.S.: It is very important we maximize our Year-End Challenge matching funds so we can not only continue our work in Namibia, but expand the reach of our programs. Please make a gift to CCF by December 31, 2015 so we can meet our Year-End Challenge Campaign goal — donations made by this deadline will DOUBLE in size!

2015 Year-End Challengers are:
Richard & Darcy Kopcho
D. Jeanne McIlvaine
Sally F. Davidson
Christine L. Osekoski
Dr. Margery A. Nicolson
James A. Poley & Joyce Kaneshiro
Lee & Misty Tyree
Brooks H Browne
Berman Family Philanthropic Fund
Polly Horton Hix Foundation
Freund Family Foundation
Dante Stephensen – Community of Atlanta
Howard Hedinger -American Industries
Bert & Candee Forbes
John & Lisa Nicotra
Marci Rubin
Julie Walters & Sam Rose
Concierge Unlimited International, est. 1982
Bob & Sherry Page
Charlie & Sherry Atterbury
Jason & Jodee Ferree
George S. Loening
Frank & Elaine Besson

Thank you so much for your generosity!

By: CCF Staff