Dr. Laurie Marker Interview in WAZA Magazine

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Please enjoy the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s 80th Anniversary issue of WAZA NEWS featuring an interview with Dr. Laurie Marker.

Q: What kind of work does the Cheetah Conservation Fund do to improve the situation of cheetahs in the wild?

A: Cheetah Conservation Fund work is focused in three major areas that impact the situation of cheetahs in the wild: research, education and conservation. Ensuring long-term survival of the cheetah involves us unraveling a complex web of social, economic and environmental issues. In developing our programmes, which are all based on the scientific research we have conducted over the past 25 years (and my own research, which dates back 40-plus years), we employ a holistic approach that balances the needs of people, wildlife and the ecosystem they share.

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By: CCF Staff