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Your donations help us improve our facilities so that we can increase farmer training and educational outreach. We are able to place more Livestock Guarding Dogs into the hands of better informed farmers. Improved relationships within the community increases the likelihood that CCF will be called to pick-up and rescue cheetahs who stray too close to farm lands. Increased understanding of cheetahs leads to improved relationships with human neighbors and CCF can safely release more cheetahs. Wild cheetahs are less likely to be returned to captivity and can safely live side-by-side with people.




Thanks to the generosity of Cheetah Conservation Fund’s 2014 Year-End Challengers –supporters just like you – gifts made by December 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar (up to $267,500) during our CCF Year-End Challenge Campaign. This is one of our major fundraising events and it comes at a time that is critical to our organization’s continued success. Please help us make the most of this opportunity by making a donation to CCF before the end of this month. Your gift will have double the impact and help save even more cheetahs!

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Looking back on this year, 2014 has brought both challenge and triumph for CCF. We lost our Visitor Centre in last year’s fire, but instead of allowing the loss to become a major setback, we’ve turned it into an opportunity to improve and expand our organization. The new CCF Visitor Centre, currently under construction, will enable us to offer classroom training for much larger groups and serve even more visitors. The Centre will also house our genetics lab, making it more accessible to visitors who wish to observe clinical work and interact with our scientists. As research and education are the foundation of CCF’s conservation programs, we are very excited about this development.

CCF reached another milestone this year, surpassing the 500-dogs-placed mark with our Livestock Guarding Dog program. The Anatolian Shepherds and Kangals we breed, train and place with farmers to help protect their goats and sheep continue to be one of the most popular and successful interventions in the decades-old conflict between Namibian farmers and cheetahs. When CCF was founded in 1990, Namibia’s cheetah population dwindled to approximately 2,500, with farmers trapping and killing 800 to 900 each year. Today, farmers have all but stopped shooting cheetahs – thanks to the guarding dogs – and the cheetah population has increased to as many as possibly 4,000.

Cheetah Friends: It is very important we maximize the value of the Year-End Challenge matching funds so we can complete our Visitor Centre, expand the reach of our programs and embark on new projects for 2015 to save cheetahs in the wild. Please make a gift before December 31, 2014 to help us meet our Year-End Challenge Campaign goal. Donations made by this deadline will DOUBLE in size!

CCF is so grateful for the group of loyal supporters who have put up these matching funds and are dedicated to helping secure a future for wild cheetahs. We understand our planet cannot afford to lose this amazing creature. Not only are cheetahs the fastest and the oldest of all the big cats, but they are among the best hunters on the African Savanna. Many other species depend on the cheetah to share their prey. If cheetahs are removed from the ecosystem, other species will certainly suffer, and some may even be lost as well.

Your support is critical for realizing CCF’s vision: a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in peaceful co-existence with people and the environment.

Please help us by giving generously to Cheetah Conservation Fund today using the link below!

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The 2014 Year-End Challengers

Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies
Berman Family Philantrophic Fund
Lee & Misty Tyree
James A. Poley
Joyce Kaneshiro
Mary Edith George
Richard & Darcy Kopcho
Polly Horton Hix Foundation
The Howard G Buffett Foundation

Overall Family Foundation
Capital Group Companies
Frank & Elaine Besson
D. Jeanne McIlvaine
Brooks H. Browne
Bob & Sherry Page
Steven & Florence Goldby
Freund Family Foundation
Gordon & Roswitha Smale
Concierge Unlimited International, est. 1982

By: CCF Staff