Success Stories

OK Ambassador Tiger Lily Undergoes Surgery

On 13th June 2012 in the morning, Tiger Lily, one of the four OK Ambassador Cheetahs at … Read more »

Livestock Guarding Dog Road Trip – Part 1

Once our puppies have been placed on farms we are vigilant about checking on their progress and … Read more »

Livestock guarding dogs at CCF

Anyone who knows about CCF and the conservation work we do here in Namibia is probably aware … Read more »

Dairy goat breeding at our model farm

Cheetah Conservation Fund strives to be a centre of excellence for training farmers about how to manage … Read more »

Cheetah Dental Work

On May 23rd, two of our older captive cheetahs went to Otjiwarongo to see a human dentist, … Read more »

Yet another cheetah re-wildling on the way!

Following the removal of the “Scientists” male coalition of cheetahs from the Bellebenno training camp earlier this … Read more »

Tempesta Blog Update

It was a sad day for CCF on Saturday, May 19th, when we had to euthanize Tempesta, … Read more »

New Boer Goats in our Model Farm!

The newest life at CCF does not purr and lick, nor does it bark or scratch.  These … Read more »

Update on the re-wildling of four cheetahs

On 18th April, CCF released a coalition of four male cheetahs into a soft release camp, Bellebenno, … Read more »

The OK Ambassador Cheetahs

The group formerly known as the OK Cubs (‘OK’ stands for Okakarara, where they were originally from) … Read more »