Success Stories


Meet Lucky!

We would like you to meet Lucky! This sweet well-maintained boy was a working dog on a … Read more »


Minja, Emma, and Jacominja Release: Part 1

When the Leopard Pen Gate opened on Monday 23rd December, Minja, Jacominja and Emma were about to … Read more »

Update from Erindi

And so, Luna and Athena carry on in their new home (Erindi Private Game Reserve), adjusting to … Read more »

Hifi: The End of an Era

Last week we recovered the remains of Hifi, one of our wild but resident cheetahs that we … Read more »

Luna & Athena Erindi Release – Week One

One arrived to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) at four and a half months old, the other, … Read more »

Puppies on the Move!

Today, our intrepid little explorers made their biggest move yet of their young lives. A day trip … Read more »

Puppy Visits!

The puppies that went to their new homes a couple of weeks ago were due their 12 … Read more »

Puppy Day!

      It’s amazing how quickly time goes, especially when you’re a little puppy! But Feliz’s … Read more »

Josie & Merlot: An Introduction

by Ryan Marcel Sucaet 24 October 2012 was a remarkable moment in a long history of two … Read more »

Bella’s Emergency

On 9 October 2012, CCF cheetah keepers Juliette Erdtsiek and Ryan Sucaet noticed that Bella, one of … Read more »