Camera Traps

A is for Aardvark

CCF has carried out a number of camera trapping surveys throughout the years, and also maintains a … Read more »

Vulture Close Up?

CCF has been using motion sensitive camera traps to record wildlife movements for many years. With the … Read more »

Exciting sighting! Wildmum and cubs caught on camera.

Suzie, a year-long student from Cardiff, came across some exciting newphotos of the cat we call Wildmum … Read more »

New Camera Trap Images from the CCF Ecology Team.

Well, spring is definitely in the air here at CCF. All the trees are starting to sprout … Read more »

More July rhino photos

I’ve included two front views of rhino 4 for July.  The first shows an extreme close-up just … Read more »

July rhino photos – Rhinos 1, 3 and 5

Here is an image of rhinos 1 and 3, the younger males.  They meet on the shore … Read more »

Part 3: Rhino images – June/2010

Here is rhino 4. You can see both his ear-notch, and less clearly his horn transmitter. Rob … Read more »

More Rhino images – June/2010

Here is rhino 2, minus the top of her anterior horn. It broke off around mid-month, and … Read more »

Last Rhino images – June/2010

Concluding last month’s images, here are rhinos 3 and 5 (5 is on the left).  They simply … Read more »

Rhino images – June/2010

Here are two images of rhino 1 captured by our cameras in June. Note he attemted to … Read more »