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First AI Dog Litter Born at CCF

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Otjiwarongo, Namibia 12 August 2010) – The first litter of Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding … Read more »

Research Clinic

Fact Sheet about our research program

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Frequent Questions

Fact sheet containing FAQ’s

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Dr. Laurie Marker

Dr. Laurie Marker’s Bio

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Livestock Dogs

Fact Sheet about our livestock guarding dog program

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Camp Lightfoot

Fact Sheet about our educational camp for school learners and other groups

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How to Help

Fact Sheet about options to assist in CCF’s mission

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Fact Sheet about education programming at CCF

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Goat Creamery

Fact Sheet about our Dancing Goat Creamery

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Fact Sheet on CCF’s Conservation programming

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