Natalie Giesen

Laboratory Technician

(2013 – present) Natalie Giesen visited Namibia in June 2013 to fulfill a childhood dream. Since 2009 she has been spreading awareness for the Iranian Cheetah Society on a voluntary basis. With her last project she came to CCF as a guest during her travel but joined the CCF genetics laboratory as a laboratory technician in July of 2013.Natalie

Natalie is a trained biological laboratory assistant from Germany. After 3.5 years training she worked 4 years amongst others for the Botanic Institute in Heidelberg and gained experience in managing the laboratory, the green house and field work. In 2007 she decided to travel and work in other countries. She worked for different farms in Australia and ended up teaching diving and managing the daily operations of a diving centre in Egypt.

At CCF she is now responsible for maintenance a good functioning of the Genetics laboratory and its equipment. Additionally she assists with ongoing genetics projects and supervision of interns and students.