Lusia Mhuulu

Masters Student

2012 – present Lusia Mhuulu is a Masters student. She obtained a Bachelors┬ádegree in Biochemistry from University of Namibia in May 2012. She came to CCF in February 2012 as an intern in the Life Technologies Conservation Genetics Laboratory. After completing her internship, she was offered the opportunity to pursue her masters by research in genetics. She is currently in the second year of her master’s programme which is being done through the University of Namibia. Lucia Mhuuou Her project focuses on comparing the identity of cheetahs based on the genetics of scat samples collected on CCF land to the identities determined based on camera-trapping. In addition for the past two years she has been responsible for the genetic analyzer, the daily scat collectionof wild cheetah scat, and she has helped to supervise and train lab interns.