Katrin Hils

Genetics Lab Manager

(2015 – present)

Katrin was always fascinated by conservation biology, in particular the many aspects of conservation biology and ecology. She acquired her Master degree in Biology at University of Tübingen, Germany, in November 2013 with a Major in Evolution and Ecology with a particular focus on conservation biology and ecology. During her Masters, Katrin attended lectures like “Conservation Biology”, “Landscape Genetics” and “Behavioural Ecology”. Her Master thesis “Prioritizing Conservation Areas in a Warming World – A Test of a Novel Approach”, supervised by Dr. Henri Thomassen, Dept. of Comparative Zoology, University of Tübingen, was focused on a broad range of topics, ranging from fundamental evolutionary biology, ecology and genetics, to the application of computer modelling and remote sensing techniques and the theory of conservation biology. During and after her time as a student, Katrin worked as research assistant on a number of conservation projects in several countries in Africa and Europe.Katrin Hills

Katrin joined CCF in 2015 as Genetics Lab Manager of CCF’s Life Technologies Conservation Genetics Laboratory. She is responsible for lab management and maintenance, supervising and assisting interns and students, and curating of samples and databases. She is also assisting with the writing of permits, reports and publications.