Partners & Memberships

We’re grateful to our partners – these are organizations that have contributed significantly to our mission, and we encourage you to get to know them.

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Donor Zoos

CCF deeply appreciates the participation of the zoo community in its mission to save the cheetah in the wild.

CCF believes that zoos have an important role to play in the conservation of wildlife in their native habitats and welcomes the opportunity they provide to educate the public about the plight of the cheetah and about CCF’s work to conserve the cheetah and its habitat.

CCF deeply appreciates the support of the following zoo organizations:

Indianapolis Zoological Society
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Dallas Zoological Society and Dallas Zoo Management
Dallas, TX, USA

Columbus Zoological Park Association
Columbus, OH, USA

Naples Zoo
Naples, FL, USA

Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo
Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Parco Faunistico LE CORNELLE
Valbrembo, Bergamo Italy

Dickerson Park Zoo
Springfield, MO, USA

Saint Louis Zoo
St. Louis, MO, USA

Hogle Zoo
Utah Zoological Society
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Zoofari, Inc. & Wild Wonders
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Wildlife World Zoo
Litchfield Park, AZ, USA

The Los Angeles Zoo
Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Maryland Zoological Society
Baltimore, MD, USA

Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock, AR, USA

Artists for Cheetahs

CCF has been fortunate over the years to receive the support of a number of visual artists and artisans who have chosen to use their medium to honor the cheetah, and have used the proceeds from the sale of their work to help us save the cheetah in the wild. The following artists have made an ongoing commitment to CCF to support our work through their art, for which they have our deep gratitude. We hope you will click the links and explore their work further.

Carol Barrett
Paola Bari
Susan Mitchinson
Stacy Knebel
Love the Planet
Animal Fashions by Jordan
Alison Nicholls
Carol Hernandez
A. E. London
Michael Frase
Bryan Ross


CCF is a member of the ICCF Conservation Council and the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT).

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