Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge

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Join us, as we kick off this year’s Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge, our major annual fundraising campaign.


Over the years when people hear about Chewbaaka the number one question they ask is… “What’s the story with Chewbaaka’s name?”

Many of you know of Chewbaaka—CCF’s ambassador cheetah who passed away three years ago. He was a young orphan when  he came to CCF. So why was he named Chewbaaka?

Well, you need some Star Wars history for that answer. Chewbacca, a large, hairy Wookiee, is a major character in the Star Wars stories created by George Lucas. And he’s the sidekick to Han Solo—who saved Chewbacca’s life. Coming from an honor-bound culture, Chewbacca then owed Han a life debt, protecting Han from then on.

Cheetahs in the wild, and our Chewbaaka in particular, have their own life debt to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. And naming our cheetah after that concept of honor, reminds us that we saved a life. And we need to save more.

Our beloved Chewbaaka warmed the hearts of thousands. He became a touchstone of hope to the school children, eco-tourists, volunteers, staff and others who met him.

Although he is no longer with us, we take time to celebrate his legacy and our commitment to honor and protect his species.

Please celebrate his legacy with us and make your gift to the Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge in honor of Chewbaaka and cheetahs worldwide.

All donations to the challenge will be matched 100%, up to $192,500. For every $100 pledged,  the Cheetah Conservation Fund will receive $200. By acting now, your gift will make double the impact. So…

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By: CCF Staff